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Food Waste

Food and biodegradable material sent to landfill sites gives off methane – a potent greenhouse gas. Diverting this material from landfill will reduce emissions equivalent to taking 166,000 cars off Scotland’s roads! For this reason the government have made the removing this material from general waste mandatory by 2014 as part of the governments Zero Waste plan.

Why Recycle Food Waste

Decreases landfill costs
Ensures compliance with new legislation
Significantly benefits the environment
Increases recycling figures substantially
(food waste is heavy!)


The Service

We provide internal caddies for the collection of materials which come in two sizes. The 7 litre caddie sits on the work top and the 30ltr pedal bin sits on the floor. The compostable liners allow the food waste to breathe and prevent odour. The waste is then transferred to an external 120ltr, 240ltr or 500ltr unit which is provided as part of the collection service.

What can go in the bin?

Cooked/raw meat Fruit & veg peelings Leftover scraps
Wood Paper napkins Coffee grounds
Compostable cups Bones Paper towels

What Happens To The Food When It Is Collected?

The food waste is turned in to BSI approved compost. This compost has many benefits to farmers, landscapers and households when incorporated into the ground as a soil improver. Using compost cuts down chemical fertiliser use and helps slow down the depletion of our peat bogs. The whole process is clean, safe and energy efficient.

  Food Waste Recycling Services in the North of Scotland - Food and Biodegradable Material Recycling in Scotland
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