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Waste Audits

The objective of a Waste Management Audit is to understand the systems and processes your company has in place for dealing with waste and recycling.

The standard information uncovered by an audit is:

The amount and type of waste your business produces
The percentage of business waste that goes to landfill
The percentage of your business waste that is recycled
The quality of the services in place
Any limitations with your current services
Total cost of services including
hidden costs/over provisions


Waste Audit Objectives

Once we understand your businesses main objective we would use our experience and local knowledge of the waste management industry in the north of Scotland to ensure it is met as efficiently and effectively as possible in line with current legislation.

Common business waste objectives include increasing recycling, reducing costs, reducing waste produced, receiving a higher standard of service, meeting targets or reducing carbon foot print.

The waste audit results in your business realising potential cost savings and areas for improvement and can be used as a foundation to produce the detailed proposal/quality plan for ongoing waste management services.

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  Waste Audits in Inverness, Aberdeen and Invergordon - North of Scotland Waste Audit Services
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